Pants Clothing Sweatshirt Dance-Costume Ballroom Dancing Hip-Hop Girl Camouflage Children

    Pants Clothing Sweatshirt Dance-Costume Ballroom Dancing Hip-Hop Girl Camouflage Children Specification & Description Summary

    Pants Clothing Sweatshirt Dance-Costume Ballroom Dancing Hip-Hop Girl Camouflage Children Specification

    • Brand NameSULARANTA
    • OriginCN(Origin)
    • Dance TypeBallroom
    • MaterialSpandex
    Children Hip Hop Clothing Sweatshirt Top Crop Shirt Camouflage Casual Pants for Girl Dance Costume Ballroom Dancing Clothes Wear
    The tops and pants are sold seperately, if you want 1 set, please buy them both!
    Size  shirt length  bust      shoulder     sleeve   
    110      28cm          54m         24.5cm      39cm         
    120      30cm          58cm       26cm         42cm         
    130      32cm          62cm       27.5cm      45cm          
    140      34cm          66cm       29cm         47cm         
    150      36cm          70cm       30.5cm      50cm          
    160      38cm          73cm       32cm         53cm         
    170      40cm          77cm       33.5cm      56cm         
    180      42cm          81cm       35cm         58cm  
    Size pants length    hips
    110      65cm           92cm
    120      71cm           96cm
    130      77cm           100cm
    140      83cm           104cm
    150      89cm           108cm
    160      95cm           112cm
    170      101cm         116cm
    180      107cm         120cm
    tops:95%cotton 5%spandex
    pants:100% cotton
    Please measure your kids height from head to feet and contrast with the following size chart.  If fat, please choose 1 or 2 sizes larger.
    For example:a girl's height:124cm
    if slim or normal figure,pls choose size 130;If a bit fat,pls choose size 140.
    Size     fit height          fit age
    100    90-100cm        3-4 years
    110    100-110cm      4-5 years
    120    110-120cm      6-7 years
    130    120-130cm      8-9 years
    140    130-140cm      10-11 years
    150    140-150cm      12-13 years
    160    150-160cm      14-15 years
    170    160-170cm      15-16 years
    180    170-175cm      15-16 years
    4 5 7
    Before Order
    1.If you don't know how to choose the size, please contact us,we will give you the suggestion.
    2. Please confirm clearly what the package includes in the description.
    3.Please choose the right size and color and use the right shipping address, if you need to change, please send us the message immediately after placing the order. Once the package sent, the item and address couldn't be changed.


    1.We don't accept paypal or other direct transferring payment method.
    2.Our price is in US Dollars,the exchange rate changes everyday.
    1.We will fill the tracking number after the shipment, generally there will be tracking information in 2-5 business days. You can check it in your order. The information is about processing by the carrier and left China, there won't be any more updated information until the package arrives in the destination country and is processed by the customs. So if there is no updated information during that time, it is normal, please don't worry.
    2.The international shipping is a bit complicated and might be affected by various factors. Generally the shipping speed is normal in January to September and a bit slow in October to December due to the hot shopping season. Please do us a favor to wait patiently.
    3. If the package is stuck in customs, it's the buyer's responsibility to clear the customs, if you need the documents, please contact us.
    1.If there is missing or damage parts or any other dissatisfaction after you receiving the package, please contact us before you open the dispute. We will reply you in 24 hours.
    2.If you need to open the dispute, please choose the reason carefully and upload the effective proof. This is very important! If the proof is insufficient, the aliexpress won't support your request. You could only open the dispute for once after the order finished in 15 days.
    3.If it is not the seller's responsibility, we can also accept the return, but you need to pay the returning fees by yourself!
    4.The money could only be refund through the dispute, we could not transfer to your card directly, the handling fees is very high between the international transfer.
    5.If the refund is agreed, generally the money will be back to your account in 1 week. If you don't receive it, please contact the customer service of the aliexpress. The aliexpress processes the refund, so we could not check for you.
    We appreciate for all the customers who share your own experince,advice and pictures in the feedback! It is helpful to us and other buyers! Thank you!


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    Pants Clothing Sweatshirt Dance-Costume Ballroom Dancing Hip-Hop Girl Camouflage Children

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